How we breathe
is how we think.

Nervous System balancing and emotional healing.

What we believe in

Breathwork provides an opportunity for emotions to surface and be released. It is a gateway into the subconscious mind.


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OUR TEchnique

Why Conscious Connected Breathing?

There are a number of Breathwork Practices being enjoyed worldwide. Each of which has a different purpose and intention. Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) is designed to support people in three core areas:

1. Emotional Awareness and Capacity
2. Nervous System Balancing 
3. Deep Wisdom and Clarity



Upcoming Events

We breathe in “Circle” as it creates a powerful environment for transformation and offers a shared experience that is both unique and memorable. Our events feature scheduled weekly sessions, full-day immersions, and retreats.


about breathwork

What we do

As experienced Breathwork Practitioners, we provide a safe container for you to do your own growing and healing. By using music, our voices, and bodywork, we’re able to help guide you through your experience. Every experience is different and unfolds exactly as it’s supposed to.

Are you ready to breathe?

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